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Welcome Message

Greetings to all our members!

The Korean Society of Pathologists (KSP) is now celebrating its 73rd anniversary this year since its establishment in October 1st, 1946 with 12 founding members. The KSP has now grown to over 1,200 members and has been selected as the best academic society by the Korean Academy of Medical Sciences. The Society has reached a high level of academic achievement with its 16 study groups, and has also successfully hosted the 8th Asian Pacific International Academy of Pathology Congress in 2013, despite the difficult political situation at that time. We deeply appreciate all our members, former presidents, director generals, and all executive committee members for your endless devotion to the development of the KSP.

Dr. Rudolf Virchow put Pathology at the center of modern medical sciences by establishing pathologic diagnosis as an essential part of identifying the precise etiology, classification and treatment of diseases, and we believe that our members have chosen their careers as pathologists with pride. However, we are now also confronted with challenges, such as the need to keep up with the new era of personalized medicine, the need to reform the under-evaluated medical insurance fees of pathology diagnoses, the need to improve quality control of pathology tests, and institutional certification. Now it is the time to move forward.

To this end, we - the presidential board and board of directors – will do our best to bring the KSP to the forefront of the new area of tailored medicine, based on the fundamentals and principles of the Society. We will encourage research and education, especially focused on genomic and molecular biology-based diagnosis, to prepare for the era of precision medicine, improve the quality of pathology tests, stabilize pathology laboratories, prevent unreasonable discounts of pathology test fees, and also aim for the re-entry of the official journal of KSP, the Journal of Pathology and Translational Medicine, into the SCI list. These tasks can only be accomplished with the help and support of our members, and therefore we will do our best to communicate with you regularly at study group and division meetings and seminars and value your opinions.

To celebrate the 73rd anniversary of the KSP this year, we hope that the upcoming 71st Annual Fall Meeting will be a special feast for pledging the new development of the KSP. We will use the opportunity to express our gratitude to our senior members, look back at the hard times, and communicate with the KSP members.

Last but not least, the growth of the KSP is dependent on the prosperity and support of the individual members of the KSP. We wish our honorable KSP members continuous success in the field of Pathology, and ask you for your continuous support and active participation in our meetings. Thank you.

January 1, 2019
President Dr. Kyo Young Lee
Director General Dr. Se Jin Jang

President Dr.  
Kyo Young Lee

Director General Dr.  
Se Jin Jang